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    Employment Network
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    Employment Network
    Employment Network
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    Shannon Huff
    @shannon-huff • 3 days ago
    Shannon Huff
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  • Long-Term Care Redesign in Wisconsin

    Are you wondering what is happening with the redesign of the Long-Term Care System in Wisconsin (Family Care, IRIS, ADRCs, etc.)? What can you do to influence the directions these programs will be taking? Check in with our "sister" site, the Self-Determination Network to keep up to date on what's happening.
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    Erik Martin

    Vocational Evaluator Position

    Posted On: 05/23/16 09:55:02AM
    Posted In: Current Job Openings
    Last Updated By: @Erik Martin

    Hello - Pantheon Industries is currently seeking a Vocational Evaluator.  While a masters / CVE / PVE or equivalent is preferred; we are open to working with and training the right individual.  An LPC, previous psychometric testing...
    Employment Network

    Comments and Questions About The New "Home" For The Employment Network

    Posted On: 12/02/15 10:53:51AM
    Posted In: Welcome and Announcements
    Last Updated By: @Employment Network

    As with any big transition, there is a lot to learn and explore.  We understand there will be bumps and detours along the way, but we’re here to help!  We want to hear from you!   Do you like it?  Are you confused about something? Do you...
    Janelle Gordon

    Thoughts on creating a Job Developers Group in Green Bay, WI area

    Posted On: 09/18/15 09:39:47AM
    Posted In: Open Discussions
    Last Updated By: @Janelle Gordon

    Hello fellow Job Developers! I was recently hired as a Vocational Coordinator for a company that works with individuals with disabilities in Green Bay, WI. I have been looking for networking opportunities that are specifically aimed at...
    Brad Whitmoyer

    help wanted

    Posted On: 08/15/15 08:17:11PM
    Posted In: Open Discussions
    Last Updated By: @Brad Whitmoyer

    Hello, I am a 31 year old with cerebral palsy and as such am no stranger to special education. I am also a business owner who specializes in many computer needs, doing anything from building websites to writing custom programs. About six years...