Janelle Gordon

Local Job Developers Networking Group

Hello I am the Vocational Coordinator at Cognitive Concepts in Green Bay. I assist individuals with disabilities in finding and preparing for...
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Lisa M. Shields

Finding employment for someone that is blind....

We're finding it difficult finding some sort of employment for someone that is blind. He used to do a job that has been phased out, so now he wants...
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Deb Wisniewski

Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the Job Developers Group. Please introduce yourself to the group... What's your current job? How does job development fit into your...
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Theresa Kulow

Resources for Employment Support Specialists / Job Developers

Do you have a resource to share as an employment support professional? I thought I might get this conversation started by sharing some resources...
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Debbie Reinicke


Can anyone share their success stories and types of employers that you have recently placed people?
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