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My Transition Story

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities presents "My Transition Story." In this video, we follow Ben Fleischman on his journey as he transitions from high school to the workforce.Ben likes to help people. He recently graduated from West High School in Madison, Wisconsin, and as a member of his community, Ben volunteers at a local library and at a nursing home. Now, as he makes the transition to the working world, Ben explores the options available that will allow him to not only pursue his interests, but be in control of his life, too.In "My Transition Story," we get to know Ben and all of the people who are important in his life. His family wants him to be in control of his life and they are optimistic about Ben's prospects for permanent employment. Ben's long-time personal care worker sees herself as someone whose job it is to help him be as independent as possible. His case manager helps him develop his IEP, which reflects his interests and becomes the basis for the type of volunteer activities Ben eventually engages in.Throughout Ben's transition story, he utilizes various tools and programs, including Peer Partners, PATH, and Project SEARCH.


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