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Employment Network News: April 2017

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Employment Network News: April 2017



Guiding Principles For Competitive Integrated Employment For People With Disabilities

With input from various groups, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has developed a set of guiding principles to promote integrated employment for people in long-term support programs. These principles establish a common foundation and will help in development of strategies and activities to advance the employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  We encourage you to read them over and see what you think.  

Aging Advocacy Day

Are you interested in issues affecting older adults? You’re invited to join members of the Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN) and others to help educate state legislators about issues affecting Wisconsin’s aging population.

On Wednesday May 17th, citizens from around the state will gather in Madison for a day of advocacy training and meetings with legislators. No experience is necessary; you’ll get the training and support you need before meeting with state lawmakers. Following the training, join others from your assembly and senate district to provide information and share personal stories with your legislators to help them understand how specific legislative policies impact older constituents.  Registration closes May 1st. http://email.employmentnetworkwi.org/c/eJxdjbEOwyAQQ78mjBUc9AgDQ5f-B4EjQaWkAqT8fq9rJct-8mAnH8PqNIjiQSMhKUMqyLsyqGJ2BqVBvckcVrkYOVKjeZ39dZXb2XdxeAfJIrqkaQsuOrQ2J4cMOYZMtIrqjzk_i34s8GT9LXDzDqVSZ6ilvTgMADtYEN0Pqtzu1Pi7tHi22c96lcE0SvsNfAGmiDzn&source=gmail&ust=1492697451708000&usg=AFQjCNFsKW-Pa9tXGoPjKi2rozXUPaSyQw">Learn more and register today!

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Stacy’s Journal 

Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Employment Network:

  • Survey: Deb posted information on a survey that The ADA Wisconsin Partnership is conducting.  The survey results will be used to identify their priorities and activities to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access and opportunities to participate in their communities.  Take the survey today!
  • Next Steps in Growing the Employment Rate: Job reports have been encouraging, but, yet, millions of people struggle to find employment.   This article suggests that one way to help fix this is to reform and expand the Ticket to Work program.  Read about how they recommend to expand and enhance the program.
  • College Programs for Youth with Disabilities: This is a great publication about creating college programs for youth with disabilities.  It contains useful information and candid quotes from parents about steps they took to see their children succeed in college.
  • College Visit Guide:  For students thinking about going on to postsecondary education, one important step is to visit college campuses.  This is a great guide to help families out when visiting colleges.
  • New Transition Guide:  The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services has published a new Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities.  Check out the great information and resources in it.
  • Full Year of Gains: According to recent data, the disability employment rate has now seen gains for an entire year.  Learn what's contributing to this.
  • Success with Employment Initiatives:  Recently, Governor Walker spent a day traveling across the state and recognized the success of the development initiatives that work to employ people with disabilities.  Read about how in the last two years Wisconsin has helped over 9500 people with disabilities find employment.   


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