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Employment Network News: August 2017

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Employment Network News: August 2017



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Early Bird Registration Ends September 1st...Register Today!

Registration is now open for the 10th annual Self-Determination Conference. This conference ​works ​to ​empower ​people ​with ​disabilities ​in ​Wisconsin ​to ​have ​more ​control ​over ​their ​lives. ​More ​than ​600 ​people ​each ​year ​participate ​in ​the ​conference ​to ​learn ​more ​about ​self-determination ​and ​self ​directed ​supports ​so ​they ​can ​live ​independently, ​be ​members ​of ​their ​communities, ​and ​use ​public ​funds ​efficiently. ​The ​conference ​participants ​include ​people ​with ​disabilities ​and ​their ​family ​members, ​direct ​care ​providers, ​and ​professionals ​from ​Wisconsin’s ​disability ​community.  Early bird registration ends on September 1st. Register today

Diehard Award Nominations

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to improve community supports for individuals with disabilities? Do they support self-determination? Nominate them for a Diehard Award! A Diehard is an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advocacy work here in Wisconsin. A diehard is someone with a steadfast commitment to the principles of community integration and self-determination. Diehards go above and beyond to make sure everyone is counted. Awards will be presented at the Self-Determination Conference on November 3rd at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells. Nominations are due on Friday, October 6th. Nominate someone today!

128 Stacy’s Journal

Most people don’t think twice about stepping off a sidewalk curb or running up a flight of stairs to get to their favorite restaurant. For people with disabilities, simple tasks such as these often present many challenges. In this month's entry, Stacy discusses how laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act have greatly improved life for people with disabilities, but, yet, there's much room for improvement.  We encourage you to share your experiences as well.

Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Employment Network:

  • Transition Planning Tips:  Transitioning from high school is challenging for everyone, but students with disabilities often have some additional challenges.  Check out these great tips and resources about transition.
  • New Employment Model:  Thanks to a new employment model, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could have better odds at getting meaningful work and an independent life.  Learn about this model.
  • Employment Struggles:  While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has greatly improved many things for people with disabilities, one thing that it hasn't significantly improved is the employment rate. Read about how some economists feel that the law may have actually harmed for the chances of employers to hire people with disabilities.
  • State Rankings:  Recently released data shows the top 10 states for disability employment.  Find out which state is best.
  • ADA 27th:  The Department of Justice published "27 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act," a document which has brief case highlights about the Department's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enforcement efforts this year.  Learn what has been done.
  • Strengthening the Workforce:  In observation of the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta wrote a blog highlighting the importance of workers with disabilities to the American economy. Read about Department of Labor priorities.
  • Employment First Partnership Grants:  The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities is seeking Employment First Partners to engage in local grassroots efforts that lead to increased community, integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Applications are due August 25th.
  • Doctors with Disabilities:  No matter what the occupation is ,life experience is going to be a factor.  Doctors are no different.  Read how one med student believes that more doctors with disabilities would make the  whole medical culture more accepting and accommodating.   

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