LaNae Jabas

"Speak Up for Yourself!"

Self-Advocacy Video for StudentsThis must-see, fresh and entertaining video, funded by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and created by the Figureheads in collaboration with the youth attending the Young Self-Advocates of Wisconsin 2013, features the song Speak Up for Yourself!The Figureheads is an award-winning musical act turned non-profit organization using original positive hip-hop music to engage youth and educators, from pre-kindergarten through high-school, in order to develop critical thinking and collaborative skills that result in a greater desire to learn and relate. These outcomes can be described in two words: Inclusion, or the ability to collaborate with those different from you in age, ability, gender andrace, and Literacy, the development of creative thinking towards oneself andsociety at large, resulting in greater interest in reading, writing and the pursuit of knowledge.For more information about the Figureheads, visit on the web or find them on Facebook


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