Share Your Favorite Apps & How You Use Them

Theresa Kulow
10/27/11 10:17:12AM

Applications or Apps used with popular tablet (such as ipad) and smartphone devices are incorporating a huge variety of user-friendly features for people with disabilities. Popular among people with disabilities are text-to-speech and other types of applications to replace traditional, costly assistive technology.

New developments promise to make these devices even more user-friendly for people with disabilities who are unable to use touch screens.

Many Apple products were thoughtfully designed by including assistive technology included in all of their devices as a standard feature. However, since the products all use touch screens, some with dexterity issues and visual impairments have had trouble with the devices. In an effort to eliminate this barrier, it looks like Apple is planning to increase the accessibility of their mobile technology. Apple publicized filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to seek to a patent for a method for connecting its products to accessories that could act in place of the touch screen. This may allow people to control Apple products in the future by using devices like a joystick or by doing something as simple as blowing into a straw.

Since accessible applications and innovative ways of using these technologies in providing services to people with disabilities is a topic many of us are talking about, lets start a discussion to share our favorite apps and the ways we are using them.